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Sea Turtle Volunteer Activities

Restore Sea Turtle Populations ~ Practice Spanish ~ Explore Baja's Marine Environment
& Experience Mexican Culture!

Jean rescuing a Leatherback nest

Sea Turtle Conservation Activities

Our Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

  • Sea Turtle nest identification, and relocation
  • Beach Patrols on ATV's (october 15- march 15)
  • Help scan, measure and identify nesting females
  • Manage Sea Turtle hatchling releases (dec 1-april)
  • Supervision of Incubation Area
  • Environmental Education w/ local kids
  • Beach clean-ups/Recycling
  • Sign design, painting, and installation
  • Data organization
  • Eco Tours

Chelsea Tinker swimming w/ Whale Sharks

    As a Sea Turtle Volunteer you have the opportunity to choose your daily or nightly activities.  You can patrol the beach at night on ATV's searching for, and relocating turtle nests.  You may wish to spend your days guarding the Turtle Sanctuary, checking for hatchlings, and documenting temperature data. Or you may prefer to stay indoors and work on recording nesting data, or designing flyers and beach signs. 
    There are group activities like camping on the beach, managing hatchling releases, riverbed and beach clean-ups, and Cultural Festival presentations.  You will have the opportunity to practice Spanish and/or English with our bilingual staff, and enjoy tradicional Mexican cuisine, at mealtime with your hosts and other Volunteers. 
    There will also be free time to explore local beaches, swim with Whale Sharks, take a yoga class, snorkel, visit art galleries, read and relax!
Valma with Leatherback hatchling

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      Our Objective is to Minimize Impacts to the Environment
while Employing Locals to Actively participate in the
       Conservation of Endangered Species and their Habitats.

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