La Sirena Eco Adventures

Marine Biologist for A Day

Ever Wonder What a Day in the Life of a Marine Biologist is like?


Dont miss this opportunity to Monitor active sea turtle nests incubating in the greenhouse, followed by nest escavation and Hatchling Release!

Volunteer Activities:

(December 15- March 31 Only) 

10am-3pm  Nest Monitoring and Hatchling care

4pm-6pm   Nest Inventory & Hatchling Release 

10pm-2am Nest Relocation Patrols (Dependiing on rides and availability of ATV's)


Program is available Dec 15- March 31.

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      Our Objective is to Minimize Impacts to the Environment
while Employing Locals to Actively participate in the
       Conservation of Endangered Species and their Habitats.

Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.
La Sirena Eco Adventures
Todos Santos , Mexico