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Fantastic Whale Sharks and Turtle Release"
5 of 5 stars  Reviewed January 25, 2015

My wife and I were so happy to have you as our guide for the whale shark adventure, we agree that it couldn't have been better and were so thankful for our great boat driver Angles (sp??) too - he was fantastic. I've had the great fortune to be a guide myself and to be guided by many other, and your service was a sweet reminder of what great guiding looks and feels like...your enthusiasm right from the get-go "Who wants a burrito??" to the "Isn't this the best day ever?" and it is every day in a positive upbeat world...but really, that whale shark adventure was AWESOME!!! And then to really nail it for me, nail it that what you are doing is absolutely amazing, was the turtle release. Yes the turtle release was amazing!!! Yes, our 3.5 year old daughter thinks you and your daughter are the coolest people on earth for doing what you do, and yes our daughter hopes to meet up with "Tim" again soon (the name she gave the turtle she helped back to the sea)...but the very fact that you and your husband go out every night, in the middle of the night looking for nesting turtles is what sold me. I've told our story, your story, a couple dozen times and I've only been home two days. I'll keep telling the story, recommending people visit, enjoy a fish taco, cervesa in the sun, swim with whale sharks, but most of all participate and support a turtle release!!!
Liam via TripAdvisor 
 "Whale shark snorkeling"
5 of 5 stars Reviewed February 10, 2015

Seriously the best snorkeling trip I've ever done. These guys are super fun to hang out with and are really conscious of the animals well being. Would recommend to all my friends and family.
Hamish via TripAdvisor 
 "An animal lovers delight!"
5 of 5 stars  Reviewed March 16, 2014 via mobile

We had a fantastic time swimming with whale sharks- watching them feed and staring in awe at their sheer size. The trip was well organized, affordable, and the most memorable part of our trip to Todos Santos. Unlike other operators we saw chasing down the whale sharks, they put the health and safety of these amazing creatures first. The animals seemed to respond by swimming toward us and giving us a thrilling experience.

Cheryl via TripAdvisor

"Eco Tourism Researcher"
5 of 5 starsReviewed December 2, 2013
For the University of Denver, I was conducting a large scope study on tourism in Baja using the 7 tenets of eco tourism developed by Martha Honey to evaluate the environmental, economic and social consequences or benefits of tourism here. I spent one month conducting this research in November 2013 driving to many cities ranging from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas.

I've participated and viewed many forms of tourism in Baja and majority of the time, the other companies only fulfill some of the tenets and frequently "greenwash" customers with "eco tourism lite" – a watered down version of what genuine eco tourism should be.


This was the only tourism company that I discovered during my travels that satisfied every tenet for ecotourism. These include...

- involves travel to natural places
- minimizes impact
- builds environmental awareness for both tourists and locals
- provides direct financial benefits for conservation
- provides financial benefits and empowerment for local residents
- respects local culture
- supports humans rights

Not only does this tour company satisfy these tenets, but they also know to how to have fun.

Driving up and down the beach in the middle of the night looking for leather back turtle nests was an adventure and something that I would definitely do again.

So if you want to explore Todos Santos, experience nature and support a company that is a force of good for this community, I would go here."

~Ryan S., December, 2013 via TripAdvisor

"Best birthday dinner ever, sincerely!! Thanks you guys. Ira and Francesca rule! Ira's spicy tuna mix is insanely delicious." ~Bonnie Root, August 28, 2012 via facebook

"We just got back from Todos Santos celebrating my wife's birthday. We found out about the sushi class on the La Sirena website and really scored. It was some of the most amazingly fresh and tasty sushi we've ever had. Francesca and Ira showed us the basics of making sushi and served so much fish we couldn't finish. It was a festive, creative and informative experience that we will never forget. Such a unique thing to enjoy when you're in Mexico." ~John K.  August 28, 2012  via tripadvisor

"What a great time Brenda and I had kayaking and snorkeling with Ira! He is a world class waterman, and La Sirena is all one could hope for in providing a fun adventure!"  ~Dave Ketah, July 29, 2012  via facebook

"Celia is having the BEST time! Rave reviews for Francesca and crew."  ~Jamie Kelly, July 11, 2012  via facebook

"My wife and I had an excellent time paddling & snorkeling on June 19th. I confess to being a wimp when it comes to snorkeling in the ocean but there were enough fish to look at that I was able to ignore my irrational fear. It was an easy paddle in stable kayaks alongside some beautiful coastline."  ~Noyo Harbor, July 4, 2012  via tripadvisor

"You are the best! Can't wait to come back to Todos Santos! thanks for being so good to nature!" ~Roberta Erickson, May 29, 2012  via facebook

      Our Objective is to Minimize Impacts to the Environment
while Employing Locals to Actively participate in the
       Conservation of Endangered Species and their Habitats.

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