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Whale Watching in Todos Santos

This amazing photo was posted to our facebook page. Please contact us so we can give photo credit

Whale Watching Update: 


Humpbacks arrive off shore in Todos Santos  mid November - January. They are very active whales and watching them breech is breathtaking!


The Gray Whales which arrive after Humpbacks (in late January) get incredibly close to the pangas.  The Grays also like to get verticle and have a look around (this is called spy-hopping)Please contact us for further updates or to reserve your excursion. 

Thank you to Alyssa Wandke for this beautiful photo

Whale Watching in Todos Santos (November - March)

Humpback and Gray Whales give birth every winter in the lagoons just north of Todos Santos. Mothers and their calves then travel south and can be seen feeding and frolicing amazingly close to shore in Todos Santos as they prepare for their long journey north. Songs of humpbacks can even be heard as they pass below the pangas. These incredible animals have learned that man is no longer their enemy and surface often to show off a new calf.  Sightseers also have the opportunity to see dolphins, sea lions, and sea turtles, manta rays and more.  The launch and return to Punta Lobos is as exciting as the wildlife you'll see! 

Most excursions will launch at 7:45-8:00 so please plan to arrive by 7:30am

$385 usd per Charter for up to five people. 

Multiple Pangas can easily be reserved for large groups. 

 A deposit of $100usd is requested to reserve your Whale Watching charter. and will be confirmed via email.  The remainder is requested in cash upon boarding/

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