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How are the Donations spent?

We are a non-profit organization known as an "Asociacion Civil" in Mexico

All of our programs are made possible through donations and sponsorships. 

Here are some of our most common expenses: 

Purchase of ATV's for night patrols

Maintenance of ATV's (new tires, boots, belts, etc)

Greenhouse Construction and Maintenance

Gasoline and Oil

Latex gloves


Field Tools (headlamps, batteries, tracking tools, etc)

Environmental Education Programs for local students

Maintenance of our Student Van 

Scientific Investigations (data loggers, laptop computer, etc)

Office Supplies

      Our Objective is to Minimize Impacts to the Environment
while Employing Locals to Actively participate in the
       Conservation of Endangered Species and their Habitats.

Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.
La Sirena Eco Adventures
Todos Santos , Mexico